• Ellen O'Rourke

Isolation Lessons: 7

Accept no less than you deserve. (It's an emosh one. Buckle up, kids.)

I’ve always struggled with relating to my own generation. I’d take a beach walk or ride in the rain over shopping, makeup and boy-talk any day. I don’t really understand pop culture. I feel things incredibly deeply. Maybe everyone does; I just suck at hiding it.

I’m a complete romantic, through and through. I want the boombox moment, stand outside my house in the pouring rain, epic love kind of thing.

It can get pretty lonely over here, if I’m totally honest.

I’m constantly saying that I can’t wait to meet like-minded people; those with drive, ambition, a passion to change the world. A desire to live a life that is so much more than ordinary.

These people are usually already married, arseholes, or gay. Or all three. It’s heartbreaking.

*Tried dating the married ones. Doesn’t turn out well. I’ve dated a few arseholes too - equally as shocking. 0/10, do not recommend.

I’ve got this incredible talent for seeing potential everywhere. Even in the guys who are, most likely, going to walk all over me.

He’s so manipulative…That takes brains! He’s a clever guy.

He’s talking to me as well as his girlfriend? That takes some serious organisational skills.

He’s married, but still fancies me? He’s young at heart, I like a rebel!

See? It’s a skill. So, what, do you ask, is my final Lockdown Lesson? Do not accept any less than you deserve.

I deserve so much more than the treatment I’ve allowed myself to receive. That's on me, so, my bad.

  • I am an incredibly strong-minded woman.

  • I have a 1st Class Honours Degree.

  • I started my own company at nineteen.

  • I’m embarking on a competitive Masters Degree in September.

  • I’ve broken my spine, twice. I still get back in the saddle to prove to myself that I can do it.

  • I’m passionate, driven, and the soppiest git you’ll ever meet.

  • I’ll pretend to like your music, even if it’s utter shit. I’m that nice.

So, lesson number seven; it’s time to finally cut those ties to people who I’ve allowed to treat me as a bug on their shoe. I am not a bug, I am Ellen-freaking-O’Rourke.

I appreciate that I’m not perfect, but no one is.

I don’t deserve to be lied to. Manipulated. Cheated on.

This is my message to the universe (and you fuckers who have been mean to me); I’m done with it. No more, thank you very much.

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